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Opening of "the Suu Kyi parliament"
Jostling for the appointment of President

On February 1, Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD party, which won the November elections with a large margin, opened their first parliament since their election victory. The NLD's Win Myint was chosen as Speaker of the Lower House while Man Win Khine Than, an NLD member from the Karen ethnic group, was selected as Speaker of the Upper House. Meanwhile, the Vice Speakers were chosen from the USDP and the Arakan National Party (ANP) indicating that the NLD seeks harmonious relations amongst the major parties. The NLD controls both houses with a majority and has the right to choose the President. However, the 2008 Constitution has a clause effectively banning Suu Kyi from the Presidency because her children have foreign citizenship. But inside the NLD, there are moves to suspend this clause of the Constitution. On February 5, the ex-Speaker of the Lower House, Shwe Mann, who is close to Suu Kyi, was appointed to the top position of the Advisory Council. Leading up to the appointment of the President on March 17, the jostling for position is intensifying.


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