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Acecook launches "Curry Noodle"
Traditional "Hin" curry for instant noodles

In February, Japanese food manufacturer, Acecook launched its new "Yo Yar" instant noodles which use Myanmar's traditional curry "hin" as soup base. They resemble Japanese curry noodle, but the soup is minimal and the noodles are eaten intertwined with the soup stock. There are two flavors offered – chicken and pork & bamboo shoots.

The company says that until now, there have been no instant noodles in Myanmar with curry, even though the traditional Mohinga noodle soup uses a bit of "hin" curry. A company executive said "This is a totally new product. Based on market research, we believe this flavor will suit the Myanmar palate. We want to make this the standard for Myanmar instant noodles." The company is using TV ads to boost the brand recognition.

Acecook has launched two brands already – the chewy "Kossy" and "Hana" including the Shan style noodle so "Yo Yar" is the third brand. The company is setting up a factory at Thilawa near Yangon for local production.

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