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President Htin Kyaw's Myanmar New Year Greet "Continute to co-opearate with us"

On April 17, President Htin Kyaw sent his New Year Message to the people for Myanmar new year at the state-owned media. He expressed thanks for the votes in the November election and emphasized he will continue to strive for the release of political prisoners, political activists and students facing political changes. "This is solution for current case and, in future, a substained effort will be made to prevent those who act legally for political causes on for their own conscience from being imprisoned" he continued.

He also mentioned the need for people's support that "The citizens are particularly needed to co-operate to ensure success. Our administration's effort to implement such policies as national reconciliation, internal peace, emergence of a constitution that aims to establish a democratic federal union. We would like to ask you, the voting public, to actively continue to co-operate in your respective sectors,to critize and point out and make suggestions as to what should be done". The President and wife, Su Su Lwin made their fourth food donation, known as Satuditha, in commemoration of Myanmar's new year at Maha Atulawaiyan Sasana Beikman in Thongwa Township in yangon on april 19. They have made such donations every year since 2012.


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