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New customs system MACCS launched

On November 12, the new MACCS (Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System) promoted by the Myanmar Department of Customs was launched. JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) provided comprehensive support and MACCS was developed based on Japan's customs system after introduction to the Myanmar market and repeated testing. After the system became operational, even if the importer has a valid license, they need to re-register, and the deposit system is not linked to the old system so they also need to provide a new deposit. Looking at the examples of other countries, there are typically disruptions for around 3 months after the introduction of a new system, so the same level of disruption is expected in Myanmar. After the launch of the new system, there is a customs declaration of principle transaction price, while expensive items like cars are expected to be verified by highest value and price lists as before.

On September 3 in Yangon, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism and Myanmar Tourism Federation announced that they are working on providing accessibility map of monuments in Bagan after the earthquake and restricted area signs.

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